Lead By Example

Review for Spiritual Model

The Reverend Dr. Mary D. Bruce simply leading by example. “The Art, Skill & Spirit of Follow-Through” is a compelling piece that takes its readers through the joys and pains of the journey and event that we call life. The title alone speaks volumes about the art, skill and spirituality that exudes throughout the piece. I have had the pleasure to have been a mentee of The Rev. Dr., and can speak from experience of that this art, skill and spirituality that readers can delight in is to be found in her life. From the pulpit to the podium to her free time with family and friends, a woman named Mary has risen through the ranks of this life artfully, skillfully, and spiritually, and and I hope YOU join the ranks of myself and so many others who have been touched by the grace of THE REVEREND DR. MARY D. BRUCE. God bless you all.

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