My Testimony

Review for The Art, Skill & Spirit of Follow Through Group

I Mica Coleman would like to recommend this body of work “The Art, Skill & Spirit of Follow Through.” God places visions, dreams, & goals on our hearts and at times it can feel challenging and or overwhelming to begin acting on them. I met Rev. Dr. Mary Bruce at a time where I was studying and preparing to take the National Counseling Exam (NCE). I shared what I had envisioned with Rev. Dr. Mary & she began to pray for me and hold me accountable for the steps I needed to take. I passed the exam and became licensed. We continued to talk and share what God was doing for us. Rev. Dr. Mary began hosting Follow Through Groups where like minded individuals would share their vicious, goals, and dreams for themselves and their families. This meeting was instrumental in my next journey toward my goals. Through voicing out loud to others and placing my goals in the atmosphere I was able to secure a site for supervision required for my next licensure. I have now completed my supervision and working on completing my application for the state exam/licensure to become a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor(LCPC). I don’t know that this would have happened without the book and group. This body of work is not something to keep to your self. It is important to share with others! My prayer is that YOU purchase this book. I know that YOU too will have a testimony to tell regarding your experience! God Bless

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