Anta Njie, Sophomore

My name is Anta Njie, and I am a rising sophomore at the illustrious Spelman College. I am a double political science and economics major from Chicago, Illinois, and I will be graduating in May 2019. I was given the opportunity to read Rev. Dr. Mary D. Bruce’s book entitled, The Art, Skill and Spirit of Follow-Through, during a time that I felt I needed to hear it the most. I felt privileged in being able to do so and honored that she valued my opinion in that way. I thoroughly enjoyed her words and am convinced that God brought her book to me for a reason. There are many things that I need to “Follow-Through” on, and her words have reaffirmed my purpose in doing so, as I’m sure they will do the same for you.

Anta Njie, Sophomore, Spelman College, Class of 2019

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