Follow-Through and You!

Identify the action steps to Following-Through on your Dreams, Visions, & Goals (DV&Gs), whether it is to get civically engaged, release physical/mental weight, mend a relationship or declutter your space/mind. You should listen if you are feeling scared but called to do something and unsure where to start. This show will inspire and ignite you to take action.

Available courses from now until August 15th, 2021

In this session you will explore the benefits of creating clarity around your circle of support persons who you are confident that you can count on in the joyous times, challenging times, and in the in-between times.

This is your opportunity to focus, plan and prepare for life experiences. Grow and share with others traveling on the Follow-Through Today Path. All are welcome! Join us as we focus on creating and or assessing our Inner-Heart Circle!

This time you get to choose your OWN session time and have an exclusive 1 on 1 with Rev. Dr. Mary!
This is one course you don’t want to miss! 
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