How Can I Move Forward and Follow-Through?

Do you feel something in your heart that needs to be done but you don’t know how to take that first step? Is it international travel? Weight loss? Is there an difficult call you’ve been avoiding? Amends that need to be made? Follow-Through Today is here to help you take the first step. 

What Is Holding You Back?

Do you feel something in your heart that needs to be done but you don’t know how to take that first step? Is it international travel? Weight loss? Is there an difficult call you’ve been avoiding? Amends that need to be made? Follow-Through Today is here to help you take the first step. 

“It is like a sparkling light when Mary enters the room. She makes you feel good about yourself. A lot of people when they become a doctor or get their Masters get an air about themselves and think they’re better. But she’s not that kind of person. She greets you with a smile. She made a big impact. She presented her information in a way that my students could relate and accept. We have a community channel and two months after Black History Month, people were still sharing the presentation. She taught them and didn’t bore them. Her presentation was extraordinary, and she was wonderful!”

– Follow-Through Inspiree

Almost Everyone Has a Strain on Their Heart

Everyone has a strained relationship, life dream, career goal, or the feeling that there is something left undone that they are called to do. Follow-Through not only identifies what you are being called to do, but helps you develop a plan to get there. With years of experience exploring different types of procrastination, conflict, and obstacles, I believe that talking about it is the first step to Follow-Through. When people stop talking, dreams, goals, and relationships crumble. My training focuses on Follow-Through techniques with spiritual guidance.

“I’m a widow. My husband died in January 2018 and my own child lives out of state. And I have a consulting business. Plus my mother and older sister are both in nursing homes. Trying to manage all of these components of my life, emotionally and physically, I found to be challenging. Plus I am a procrastinator. After my session with Mary, I was able to voice it and own it. I realized I could only change so much about myself at this point in life. This has allowed me to make progress in ways that I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

– Follow-Through Inspiree

Experience the Healing Power

Why wait any longer to Follow-Through? 

Take action through:
One on One Consultation
Group Sessions
Creative Events, including Vision Board workshops

“I understand the importance of follow-through, consistency, and persistence. I just never thought about it in a personal matter. I am good at offering suggestions and analyzing situations yet applying such interventions to MY LIFE seemed to be less important. I am grateful for this book because now I see how God blesses us when we follow-through with the plan He has for our lives!”

– Follow-Through Inspiree

How You Can Work With Me

Follow-Through Expert specializing in Progress Affirmation

Buy the Book

Purchase the Art, Skill & Spirit of Follow-Through to study my one-of-a-kind action plan to Follow-Through.  From finding God in quiet moments, to developing a journaling practice, and building a support group, this book is a must-have guide for your Follow-Through journey. 

Schedule a Talk

Let’s talk! I offer FREE 20 minute consultations. Let me help you identify what is holding you back and we can develop a future plan of working together on how to overcome these obstacles and get on your way to completing your goals. If you feel truly stuck and uninspired, start here.

Host a Workshop

Interested in building a Follow-Through support group? Let’s get it done! Host a Follow-Through workshop with me in your home or business. Topics include, Overcoming Fear, Building Your Vision Board, Accountability, and Connecting with God on your journey.

“This book is truly revolutionary! Not only does Rev. Dr. Bruce demonstrate a healthy and realistic path to realizing your highest aspirations, she speaks in terms that are wholly understandable. I am truly grateful for Rev. Dr. Mary’s efforts. I can’t wait to hear her speak on the topic and I hope to attend her next follow through training session.”

– Follow-Through Inspiree 

Practice Increases Improvement

I know about your hectic schedule. I know what it is like to put things that you really need to do on the back burner. But the only way to fulfill your purpose is if you set aside the time to GET IT DONE. You will need to ask someone to hold you accountable for your actions or your failure to act. Yes, I can and want to be that person for you. But you will still need to seek out the people in your life who you trust and truly want you to succeed.

Be Well

Ask me about my custom 6 week programs for health and fitness. Follow-Through is not just about reaching the end. It’s about being well, being healthy, being content in your body, mind and spirit.

“The Reverend Dr. Mary D. Bruce simply leading by example. “The Art, Skill & Spirit of Follow-Through” is a compelling piece that takes its readers through the joys and pains of the journey and event that we call life. The title alone speaks volumes about the art, skill and spirituality that exudes throughout the piece. I have had the pleasure to have been a mentee of The Rev. Dr., and can speak from experience of that this art, skill and spirituality that readers can delight in is to be found in her life. From the pulpit to the podium to her free time with family and friends, a woman named Mary has risen through the ranks of this life artfully, skillfully, and spiritually, and and I hope YOU join the ranks of myself and so many others who have been touched by the grace of THE REVEREND DR. MARY D. BRUCE. God bless you all.”

– Follow-Through Inspiree Ellis Clark

Let's Get It Done

Use the below form to contact Rev. Dr. Bruce or to request more information about hosting a workshop or about Rev. Dr. Mary D. Bruce’s proprietary Spiritual Model.

Rev. Dr. Bruce leads her own Follow-Through Group in Illinois. She is also available to facilitate trainings about how to start your own Follow-Through group that will support you or your organization with reaching your DV&Gs.

In public speaking engagements, Rev. Dr. Bruce offers specific techniques on how to use the Spiritual Model developed for this book. She teaches participants about how to use the Spiritual Model in your daily lives to support you with Following-Through on “things” that have been difficult prior to reading this book.


“She’s wonderful. She’s very extraordinary. A gift from God. One of God’s soldiers.. and we need soldiers.”

– Follow-Through Inspiree