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“Close to My Heart Inner Circle!” is a 3-part session, during which you will assess the relationships and people in your life and discover who you can count on in good, challenging, and in between times. Create your inner circle!

Next Sessions will be held:

  • 2-3 CST Sunday, May 30
  • 2-3 CST Sunday, June 6

Save the below link to log into each session. It will also be emailed to you. 

This program will take place on Zoom, use this link to join at 1:45 PM central time:

If you already have Zoom, you’ll be taken directly to the podcast where you can choose to have on your video and microphone to interact with the other participants.

If you don’t have Zoom, you will be prompted to download it for free. Then come back and click the link to enter the podcast session.