What’s Really Preventing You from Following Through?

There are at least four primary obstacles that I
believe prevent many people from Following-Through:

1.    Fear – Is it fear? Whenever I feel fear, my practice is to feel the fear and do it anyway. When I say do it, I mean whatever that “it” is that I am struggling to complete. I think that there are three ways that we can move beyond fear into action: Admit it, Do it, and Join it (ADJ).

2.    Money – Money can also be a real obstacle if you are not careful when striving to Follow-Through on your dreams, plans, goals, and tasks. When money is an issue, it is critical to find ways to still Follow-Through. Sometimes there are different ways to accomplish your goals. Later in this article, I will share with you my Follow-Through Spiritual Model, which I believe prescribes a realistic method and offers an efficient way to address what you believe that you are being led by your Spirit to complete. 

3.    Time – Time can be another real obstacle preventing you from Following-Through: “I do not have time.” For some reason, many people will not schedule time to work on their goals. Meeting with a support partner can help to keep you on schedule and motivate you to create time for yourself to work on your goals. It is important to remember that little bits of progress equal big progress. One day at a time works better for me than trying to look at meeting my goal in a week, month, or a year. I have benefited by working on my goals one day at a time. The days and the work completed, then, will speak for itself.

4.    Resources – Take stock of your resources for example, examine the value of your personal and professional relationships. It is time to think about your associates, friends, relatives, church family organizations/memberships and business affiliates. Ask yourself, “Who can help me with reaching and achieving my goal(s)?” Then, tap into those individuals and affiliations. A part of utilizing your resources involves humbly acknowledging that you cannot do it all alone and that you might need support. I encourage you to humble yourself and ask for the assistance and support that you need to complete your task(s). Do not let the lack of resources be an impediment to Following-Through. Some of the resources to consider would be friends and relatives that have expertise in the area(s) that you are seeking help. Also, you can consider joining professional membership organizations and/or other business associations.


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