Follow-Through or Procrastination? They Are Different

Is waiting until a later time not Following-Through? Is putting a task off until a later time not Following- Through? Or is it procrastination? The spirit of discernment plays a major role concerning waiting. You know in your heart that there is something that you really need to take action on and that you will not rest peacefully until you get it done. For the longest time, that is how I felt about writing my book. 

While I have been doing other tasks and completing important aspects of my life, my book remained on my mind, and I kept feeling unfulfilled until I got it into the hands of readers all over the world.

Thinking about it; however, is not doing it. If you spend more time thinking about doing it than actually doing it, then you are not truly Following-Through. If you keep thinking about something that needs to be done and you feel the unction of the Holy Spirit, then do it. Procrastination essentially is putting off a task that needs to be done.

On the other hand, waiting is more spiritual. For example, the scripture says, “Wait on the Lord and be of good courage” (Psalm 27:14, King James Version). While waiting, you can seek God’s face and pray about what you know that you need to do. The difference between waiting and procrastination deals primarily with prioritizing. 

That is what writing this book on Follow-Through means for me. God told me that this book would bless many people. Not only would it bless others, but also it would help people because of the inclusion of the roadmap, which I refer to as the Spiritual Model. It shows you how to Follow-Through on your (DV&Gs). How you actually navigate through the Spiritual Model is uniquely your strategy. Everyone’s experience in terms of how he/she interprets the arrows will be their own path.

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